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Laser Tattoo Removal Not Regulated

Did you know you can buy a machine online and be ready to go straight away, buying tattoo laser machines can be purchased on Amazon Or Ebay. There are 10000s of cases where customers have had their skin and lives destroyed.

Customers who were treated for laser tattoo removal by the same business have shared their horrifying photos of when the procedure went wrong. 

Toni Gordon, John Westby, Bee Clark and Paul Ellis were treated by Invisible Ink Mcr, a tattoo removal business in Manchester.  They claim to have experienced blistering and burning sensations, after paying as little as £35 and up to £400 for the treatment. But the tattooist who removed all of their inkings, Steven Anthony Prophet, said he is 'safe' and the reactions are normal. There is no licensing regime or specific legislation dealing with the use of lasers for the removal of tattoos.

Mr Prophet began treating people in June this year after setting up his business on Facebook. He has since closed his operation down, and is trying to get the money together to refund the angry customers. Toni Gordon, from West Didsbury, paid £230 to remove two tattoos on her hands ahead of a wedding she was attending.

She said: 'I expected it to hurt and it was stinging afterwards. It was the next day when it started to blister - I thought maybe that's not what it's supposed to do.

'It just got worse and worse. The blisters popped and it went into holes. There was gunk coming out. 'I was ready to go to the doctor - my partner wanted me to but I think I was just embarrassed because it was him who paid for it. 'I didn't have any other symptoms so I ended up going to the chemist and buying dressing and cream.' Ms Gordon's blistering began to heal although she believes she will be left with permanent scarring.

John Westby, 26, shared an image of his 'burns' around a love heart on his arm tattoo after one session of treatment. He said: 'This is what he did to my arm but it was worse than that, as this was when I spotted it.

'As you can see, where the holes are and the love heart, I didn't want touching as me and the missus have matching ones and I wasn't happy at all.

'I know I only paid 35 quid but that's not the point I work hard for that money and spent it on my arm to get this tattoo lasered.'

Another customer, Bee Clark, shared images of the blistering on her arms that she paid £175 to have three sessions on. 

She said: 'It was painful and now it's in a bit of a mess. I'm waiting to speak to a specialist because I have psoriasis anyway.

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